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What's Being Said About Organizational Planning & Facilitation

"In her time with us, Barb worked with our many challenging personality types and diplomatically navigated us through our occasionally conflicting visions to land our team at an effective strategic plan with a high level of consensus about our shared goals and tactics to reach them.  Continued contact with her helped keep us on track and resulted in efficiency and success." — Meg Payne Nelson, former Director at Bromelkamp Company


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Barb for the last five years. The majority of our collaborative work has been strategic planning and organizational development. I remain impressed with her ability to assess quickly the essentials of a project and employ her many skills to complete the project. She is organized and energized in her work. She always keeps our company priorities as the focus of our interactions. And most importantly she is an excellent communicator, available and approachable.”   Jan Maino, Vice President at Bromelkamp Company


It’s great to work with Barb. She listened well to the challenges I was facing in my effort to plan for and organize, volunteer resources for a big event with ~275 participants.   We established a structure to manage the multi-faceted needs (varied task assignments, timelines and shifts). She helped me organize the leaders to aid in better role definition and assignments, by creating essential job descriptions. Until I had her guidance and input I was overwhelmed with the Volunteer position.  Barb brought calm, stability, and practical insights by listening to my needs and concerns.  We were fully resourced for the event with prepared  volunteers. I couldn’t have done it without her.   — Lynn Hallett, Volunteer Team Leader, Intentional Eucharistic Communities 2015 Conference

"Working with Barb to birth my business has been invaluable! Not only does she listen to my needs but she translates them into practical, actionable steps I can take to succeed. I am a vision person and it's easy for me to get stuck seeing only the forest. Barb helps me find the trees and work with each of them to move forward with grace, ease and efficiency. With her professional and grounded guidance, I go from fuzzy to focused and feel confident in my ability to succeed. I highly recommend her services to anyone ready to create their future!"  — Jennifer Alhasa