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Teaching The Body Calm

A five-session therapeutic bodywork series developed to soothe, support and empower people experiencing anxiety. 

Teach The Body Calm

Connect with your body and your being in a deep and therapeutic way. Together, we’ll help you feel connected, calm and centered and you’ll gain tools for carrying that felt sense forward in your daily life.

  • Increase your energetic capacity to work with the experience of anxiety
  • Develop alternative responses to anxious thoughts and feelings
  • Identify additional resources for self-support when anxiety arises

Each 90-minute one-on-one Being & Body session is focused for your experience and learning. All are designed to help you increase your capacity for feeling calm. The sessions are:

Session 1 - Energy balancing

Session 2 - Resetting the nervous system

Session 3 - Releasing the ties that bind

Session 4 - Mantra, mudra, meditation and rebounding

Session 5 - Integration and breathwork

The cost for this series is $710 which is more than 5% off the single session price. Payment in full is due at your first session. Session interval will vary by client. The ideal completion of this series is within 3 months of starting. Clients will have the option for up to two additional integration sessions at a discounted rate.

Contact Barb for more information or to enroll in the series

Barb Ryan, LMT, CSD

About Barb: I am a licensed massage therapist and certified spiritual director. I have traveled my own road from anxiety to calm, several times. Combining the best of the best in my therapeutic bodywork repertoire, you’ll experience healing touch energy work, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, dialoguing and massage. Experience the healing power of presence and touch while you increase your capacity for calm.