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Organizational Planning & Facilitation

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.
~Eleanor Roosevelt

Porcupine Mountains  State Park, Michigan

Porcupine Mountains  State Park, Michigan


Working with Barb means giving your group the benefit of a good plan which will unleash three powerful pillars for success:

Articulated vision – where are we going?

Aligned teams – what is our part?

Action steps – what do we need to do to get there?

When these pillars take form through planning, benefits abound:

• Improved and more aligned decision-making at all levels

• Better allocation of resources

• More clarity on how any role contributes to the vision

• Clear metrics to track progress toward the vision

• Common ground for conversations when change is needed

You’ll bring the plan to life with focused implementation and keep it alive with regular evaluation. Everyone will see and celebrate the progress. And, if the winds of change blow in, your plan provides consistency for the conversations about changes needed.

Barb can put her process to work for your strategic plan, annual operating plan, project plan or personal development plan. For more than twenty years, Barb has been a planner, leading teams and efforts to develop products, sales territories, CRM system implementations, and organizational culture shifts. She tailors her approach to her clients' needs and helps them bring their plans to life.  


Barb is an objective, process-focused professional who can help your group manage information and expertise to achieve results. Whether you are problem-solving, idea-generating or resolving conflict, as a skilled facilitator, she supports the group purpose and goals with effective process and guiding presence.

She works with clients to understand overall objectives, opportunities and constraints within the project and sets the structure for achieving the desired results. She brings more than 20 years of experience facilitating groups whose objectives run the gamut from naming a new organization, to restoring positive morale, to envisioning the company of the future, to overcoming miscommunication, and, of course, organizational planning.

In recent years, Barb has been studying with the Center for Efficient Collaboration ( She facilitates in this spirit to find solutions that resonate well and work for all.

“Success means reaching our goal, whatever it is that we set out to do, together.”
– Miki Kashtan, PhD, Lead Collaboration Consultant Centerfor Efficient Collaboration

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