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Decision-making & Discernment

“When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.”
– From "Tell Me More,” an essay by Brenda Ueland

Izquierda   Beach Samara Costa Rica  by Sarah Weber, LMT

Izquierda Beach Samara Costa Rica by Sarah Weber, LMT

Take the time to speak aloud. Hear your own words. Explore perspectives. Recognize hidden truths. At times we all need a trusted and objective other to help us navigate on the journey; not to receive answers, but to hold space, ask questions, reflect back and listen.

As a certified Spiritual Director, Barb helps clients gain insight and perspective and access to their inner wisdom. Give yourself the gifts of deep listening and  potent, thought-provoking questions within  a venerated space. Allow your inner wisdom to emerge and provide guidance.  60 and 90 minute sessions are available in her Southwest Minneapolis office.


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